What are YOU looking forwards to this summer?

So technically (at least in Pop Culture land) summer 2016 is well under way, which means while there’s good weather and copius amounts of fresh air, there’s also new entertainment to be watched in darkened rooms. Here’s what I’m looking forwards to:


  1. The Olympics are back! No I don’t watch every event but there’s always one event that gets pretty exciting and must watchable. Throw in the fact that this year is at Zika central Rio and it might be a event for the books.
  2. Vice Principals. I maintain that a little Danny McBride goes a long way. However, watching him with Walter Goggins (who pulled off an amazing performance in The Hateful Eight) in this trailer as feuding Vice Principals makes me so excited to dive into this new series from HBO.
  3. The Get Down. Not every series Netflix has premiered has been great. For every House of Cards, Jessica Jones and now Lady Dynamite there’s been some forgettable titles (what are they? Eh..I forgot.) This one comes from Baz Luhrman about the rise of hip hop and disco in the streets of Brooklyn in the 70s. If nothing else, the visuals will be amazing.



  1. Finding Dory. Aw man, I don’t know about you, but I remember seeing Finding Nemo for the first time and immediately wanting to see it again. Pixar has a gift for giving us thoughtful story with an emotional gut punch and I have no doubt we’re in for the same.
  2. Ghostbusters. I think this is the only movie of the summer with so much debate. No one asked for a Ghostbusters retool but this has been in development for YEARS. Instead of giving us a reboot or another adventure with the original four (R.I.P. Harold Ramis) we’re getting four of the sharpest women in comedy with Paul Feig who gave us instant classics like Bridesmaids, The Heat and Spy. The trailers got a mixed reaction but this is on my must see list.
  3. Suicide Squad. People were on the fence about this one until the trailers started coming out. Finally, Harley Quinn is making her big screen debut in what’s the second step of DC’s cinematic movieverse. No matter what you thought about Batman v Superman, you have to admit that this movie looks cooler than cool.


  1. MST3K Reunion. Technically this isn’t a movie release, it’s a live event, but the beauty of this is that its being streamed in movie theaters all over the country. If you loved Mystery Science Theater 3000 even half as much as I do, you have to be excited. It’ll reunite the original cast with the two hosts as well as the new host for the rebooted series in what’s going to be a pretty exciting night. The movie riffed hasn’t been announced yet, but I’ve already got my ticket. You can get them too right here: http://www.fathomevents.com/event/the-mst3k-reunion-show/buy